GUARDIAN manifests visions found within the depths of shared dreams and fantasies. Attuned to memories of an unbridled youth and a time and place not quite our own, resonant impressions fill our reveries. The darkest corners of neon nightclubs, anonymous sex in bar bathrooms, the hazy drug induced drive home. Moody and synth-drenched arpeggios evoke the saturated soundscapes of Dario Argento or John Carpenter soundtracks, while melodic vocals and liquid basslines assimilate the rhythmic experiments of New Order’s Movement. Melding these fragmented visions into a cohesive musical aesthetic, Guardian delivers a soundtrack where sonic daydreams and elusive sensations become real.

Guardian’s debut single, “THIRST” is available now on limited 12″ and digital, in our (currently-evolving) WEBSHOP. Celebrate with us:

• Friday, August 30th – Sweating Tapes & Donuts present: Guardian’s LA Record Release Show, with Miracles Club (DJ Set), Ital (Live), Josh Anzano (Live), Aurora Hilal (Live), and early dj sets by Pickpocket (Donuts) & Remy Marc (Sweating Tapes/VSSL). (LINK)

Stream Guardian’s “Thirst” below:

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